QuikRStuff LLC is Launched in Grand Junction, Colorado

I am happy to announce, we are building prototypes of the Quik-Rack Mach 2 as we speak. It has been a long wait for all of us, but I hope you agree it will be worth it. Building on the feedback from past customers of the Quik-Rack, I have implemented improvements to the rack with 14 new patents. The feedback has been invaluable and I thank everyone who has helped us get to this new version.

We are producing prototypes in Grand Junction, CO (GJ) and will test them in the field in arguably the mountain bike capital of the US. This place is a cyclists dream! ( and nightmare as these are the most gnarly mountain bike trails you can imagine). Designing the new version for fatter tires, easy size adjustments, eBikes, increased performance and efficiency has been a challenge to say the least. But the time has come and we are in production and hope to start taking orders in the late summer/early fall of 2019.

Be sure to sign up for updates via our mailing lists as the email barrage takes our focus away from production. We ask your patience and cooperation as we get ramped up here.

I can’t thank everyone enough for the support, encouragement and patience as we launch the new, Quik-Rack Mach 2.



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