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QuikR Stuff is Launched!

Cal has been in the bicycle industry designing and developing new products for over forty years.  Cal started selling trainers, racks and accessories on his website in the year 2000.  Let’s face it, Cal produces quicker stuff that make us all enjoy our bikes even more, hence the name QuikR Stuff. Cal is proud to introduce his latest inventions which are integrated into his new product—the completely improved and redesigned Quik-Rack Mach 2.              

QuikRStuff, LLC is based in Grand Junction, CO, and sells quality products to customers in all fifty states, Canada and abroad. We pride ourselves with providing our customers great service, innovative features within the products, and meeting our customers needs.  The Quik-Rack Mach 2 is 100% made and assembled in the USA.

Thanks for your support as we begin our journey.

Cal Phillips

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