Welcome to QuikR Stuff, Cal’s new company. Here is some quick information:

  • Cal Phillips formed a partnership with a machine shop owner and a marketing expert both based in Grand Junction, Colorado. 

  • We are focusing on production, not marketing. We are test marketing the product in Grand Junction, Colorado June through August 2019.

  • The rack is NOT for sale yet. We will NOT be taking orders from this website until we have satisfied the people on the waiting list first.

  • We will contact our wait-list when the Quik-Rack Mach 2 is ready to ship.  Please sign up below to get on the list and so we can contact everyone enmass vs. one by one emails. Help us to focus on the product and not marketing by signing up.

  • The price of the new Quik-Rack Mach 2 has NOT been finalized and will be posted on our website soon. Please ignore the pricing we stated from 2017. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Have a question? Refer to your FAQ page HERE first please.

Thanks for all your patience. Sometimes, dreams are worth the wait.


Our latest Blog posts

Our goal is to make the Quik-Rack Mach 2 better in every way over our first original Quik-Rack!

10 years ago, inventor and designer Cal Phillips brought you the original Quik-Rack, the easiest and most dependable hitch-mounted bike rack.  Now, this new flagship product has been completely redesigned and improved. The trays will be anodized black, along with most other parts on the rack. The cam latch and the cross coupling bars in the center will be silver.  The vertical spool adjustment levers will be gold, the arm release levers will be red, and the tray lock will be blue. Our design team has determined that this is the best option to leave your rack looking great for years ahead!

Why all the different colors? Anything gold indicates that this part operates like a screw. Blue indicates that this part is pushed to operate. Red indicates that this part is to be pulled. Silver has no operational needs.

The new Quik-Rack Mach 2 is the best Bicycle Carrier that money can buy, Guaranteed!

The new Quik-Rack Mach 2  is replacing the original Quik-Rack
The new Quik-Rack Mach 2 Add-On is replacing the original Quik-Rack Add-On